Mega Enhanced Maeng Da (MEMD) Caps

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Mega Enhanced Maeng Da (MEMD) Caps

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10 Caps $55.50

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Product Information

Our Mega Enhanced Maeng Da Kratom starts with only the BEST Maeng Da Kratom leaf. Finely powdered, it has been carefully standardized and enhanced with a Triple amount of Ultra-Pure Kratom alkaloids. Providing an astonishing aroma that lasts for hours.

Original formula now available!

10 Caps = 3.5g+ MEMD & 1.5g+ Maeng Da.




Be sure to also check out our sister product MEI Caps (Mega Enhanced Indo)


Zerbals Exclusive sold only here.


Easy to use Incense capsules, each capsule contains avg of 350mg of MEMD. We then fill the capsules with an additional 150mg's+ of our Premium Maeng Da. Open capsule to release the aroma.

Sold Strictly For Research/Educational Use Only!

Product Code MEMD-C
Condition New

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Euphoria lasted for so long!

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Shipping was fast, and received my package a day early. Decided to start the burn with just 2 caps. The aroma took a little while to take effect, somewhere between 1-2 hours, I can't remember exactly because when it kicked in I lost all sense of time and went into a state of complete bliss for several hours! My anxiety and depression was 100% gone, I put on some music and felt happier than I ever have in my life. It had a nice physical effect also- being touched literally anywhere felt incredible (my boyfriend kindly rubbed my shoulders, arms and legs and I went to heaven). This MEMD is the most euphoric and long-lasting incense I've ever experienced, I even felt a tingly physical afterglow effect the next day! However, the usual side effects are to be expected. I got insanely itchy and a bit nauseous, but it didn't ruin the experience. It's too powerful and pricey for frequent use, but it's a treat definitely worth saving for a special night! Hopefully it stays available, I will definitely purchase this again. (15 Jul 2017, 04:39)

Worked great for me!

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I received 3 caps of MEMD in sample capsule form when I ordered my MD tincture. I burned only TWO capsules for my ritual and withing 15 minutes I was relaxed and did not have a care in the world. I suffer from chronic pain and panic disorder but this incense makes those ailments none existent! Thank you Zerbals! (03 Mar 2017, 10:57)
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