Payment Info

Payment Methods

Bank Transfer/Deposit, Bitcoin,Money Order/Check, FedEx C.O.D

Bank Transfer / Bank Deposit / Wire Transfer
This option is also on most banking apps or online banking website.
Follow further instructions at checkout.

Note: If using your Banks Billpay this will take longer avg 3-5 days.


FedEx C.O.D

Only available for established accounts.
Choose any FedEx option for shipping with payment option FedEx C.O.D.
FedEx delivery driver will only accept secured Money Orders.
After placing your order, we will send you an E-mail to confirm this payment method.
If we do not receive a reply back, your order will be canceled.

Bitcoin Payments

Note: CashApp Phone App makes it very easy to buy Bitcoins.

Step 1.

Buy some Bitcoins, Cash App and works  with Debit/Credit cards.

FYI: CashApp does not charge fees to purchase bitcoins.

Step 2. Purchase your order total in Bitcoins.

Step 3. Send Payment to BTC address provided at checkout.

Step 4. Once payment has been confirmed, your order will be shipped!

Money Order/Check

Please follow instructions at checkout page.

If you need any help at all, please contact us