Kratom FST Full Spectrum Tincture Liquid Extract (Maeng Da FST)

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Kratom MD FST Full Spectrum Tincture Liquid Kratom Extract.



Tired of the hassle of leaf & powdered extracts?
Try our Kratom MD FST Full Spectrum Tincture Liquid Kratom Extract.

Only the highest quality Maeng Da leaf is used to make this tincture.

Ultra-Purified Original 2011 formula, just 2ml’s is fully equal to 200+ grams of Kratom leaf.
Each 2ml’s contains an avg of 7-10 incense portions.

Back by popular demand, our Original 2011 Ultra Pure MD FST.

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9 reviews for Kratom FST Full Spectrum Tincture Liquid Extract (Maeng Da FST)

  1. KG.

    The best FST aroma I’ve ever experienced.
    Quality product right here!!!

  2. Lisa J.

    This is the real deal! If your tired of wasting money, on other vendors fake FST get this one!

  3. Brian B.

    I have researched a few diff kratom FST tinctures all claiming to be the best & well Zerbals has A++++ quality aroma as goes for all their products & customers service is great too. Can’t say enough good about these guys! Thanks again!

  4. Peter C.

    Been loyal to Zerbals for a few reasons. 1. They feel like friends, and are friends. 2. Customer Service is superb. 3. Simply nothing like this product right here… That’s all there is to it. Nothing like it anywhere else. Period. Exclamation mark…. Period.

  5. Brandon C.

    Lightning fast delivery, and incredible product! Thank you, you folks are the best!

  6. Kendra B.

    New Year, Same Great Product
    This FST is by far the best I’ve ever found. Every order has been consistently high quality, even going into the new year. It’s pricey but you definitely get what you pay for imo, a little bit goes a looong way. I also really appreciate the genuine care in customer satisfaction, everything from offering the same amazing formula to nicely securing the product in bubble wrap so it doesn’t get damaged. If you’re looking for the champion of FST, it’s Zerbals.

  7. Anonymous

    Absolute Best!
    I’ve been a long time kratom fan, and this tincture is the best aroma EVER! I won’t even think of getting elsewhere. In addition to the stellar product, the customer service is outstanding! Thank you and keep up the good work!

  8. penny.p


    This is by far THE BEST TINCTURE out there! I have tried Every aroma offered online and yes, it is quite expensive, but it IS THE BEST!
    Professional,Personal and Prompt…

    Thank You Zerbals!

    Florida Fan 👍

  9. Steve C.

    Love it

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