Oxindole Enhanced Bali

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Oxindole Enhanced Bali Powder



Oxindole Enhanced Bali powder, Oxindole normally found in trace amounts in Kratom, has been concentrated to much higher ratios and infused onto the highest quality Bali powder.

If you enjoy the aroma from Mega-Enhanced Indo MEI , you will love our new Oxindole Bali powder.

Yes this is the same Enhanced Kratom powder we had a year ago!

3 reviews for Oxindole Enhanced Bali

  1. Brad P.

    Just the BEST!
    If you enjoy enhanced Kratom then this is a MUST TRY! Yes it’s exoensive but it’s so worth it, especially if you just occasionally treat yourself. Hint: if you’ve got a lot of yard work or house work to tackle this will make you move like a machine and it lasts for HOURS! Try it, it IS worth it!

  2. Timothy J.

    Well worth the money, best enhanced bali kratom I have ever tried!

  3. Sam G.

    Love Love Oxindole Bali, just wish it would be in stock more often 🙂

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