Mega Enhanced Maeng Da (MEMD) Caps

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Mega Enhanced Maeng Da Kratom Caps

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Our Mega Enhanced Maeng Da Kratom starts with only the highest grade Maeng Da Kratom leaf. Finely powdered, then carefully standardized and enhanced with a triple helping of Ultra-Pure Kratom alkaloids.

Provides an astonishing aroma that lasts for hours.

10 Caps = 3.5gr+ MEMD & 1.5gr+ Premium Maeng Da.

Be sure to also check out our sister product MEI Caps (Mega Enhanced Indo)

Zerbals Exclusive.

Each capsule contains avg of 350mg+MEMD + 150mg+ Premium Maeng Da.

2 reviews for Mega Enhanced Maeng Da (MEMD) Caps

  1. Larry M.

    Still as good as 2 years ago!!

    Surprised to see it’s just as good now. You can’t go wrong with this product!

  2. Trisha C.

    Very similar to the MD-FST sold here, easy to use works as expected every time.

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