Ultra Premium Maeng Da


Ultra-Premium Maeng Da Powder


Kratom Maeng Da simply put one the most aromatic Kratom varieties available anywhere.
Our Maeng Da is Harvested from a private reserve of old growth trees, to ensure a higher alkaloid content than commercial grade. To keep our stocks fresh we import this “Real MD” weekly. Our Maeng Da arrives De-stemmed & De-Veined then we triple filter it again to get any remaining. The extra processing means you get more quality product per gram than any of our competitors.
We personally test each batch of Maeng Da, to ensure that our very strict quality standards are met. If the HPLC test results do not match, the characteristic markers of true Maeng Da. It’s not sold!
We have also found that keeping our Maeng Da vacuum sealed & grinding prior to shipping, helps retain a high alkaloid content.

(Alkaloid content verified 1.37 HPLC)

If your a true connoisseur of Maeng Da, you’ll love our
Mega Enhanced Maeng Da

Another Fantastic Zerbals Exclusive.


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