Ultra Enhanced Indo UEI Caps

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Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Caps.

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Our Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom starts with premium micronized Indonesian Kratom leaf.

It has been carefully standardized and enhanced with a generous helping of ultra-pure Kratom alkaloids 1820mg / 28g.

UEI per cap avg. 350mg. We also add 150mg’s+ of Ultra Potent Indo to each capsule for additional aroma.

100% Kratom no fillers!


2 reviews for Ultra Enhanced Indo UEI Caps

  1. Brian B.

    This is a top of the line blend and doesn’t disappoint as far as its potent aroma. I usually use 5-8 grams of the other leading brands of UEI for burning during an research/incense session & I only need 1-2 grams to burn for full aroma & if you want even stronger aroma try the MEI or MEMD.

  2. Steven S.

    Very good!
    Looked everywhere for the real stuff, finally found some. Please don’t ever change it.

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